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Watch Wonder Woman (2017) Full Movie Online Free YesMoviesWatch

Wonder WomanWonder Woman Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Wonder WomanRegarding the technical effects, they were OK. The CGI in the fight scenes had some really awkward looking shots, which made them look really manufactured. This is especially true in some of the sliding attacks. I almost wish that they utilized wire-fu/Hong Kong effects a little more in these types of movies as it looks more graceful and less “weird”.Overall, I say skip this one. There are better superhero movies out there and coming soon. Spending your money on this will just make you wish you had your money back afterwardsStop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS– –Stop here if you do not want to read OK, let’s get to why the ending sucks so bad. If you understand how anything works, you will instantly disbelieve the decision of Steve Trevor to blow himself up in the plane. It makes absolutely no sense other than to anger Wonder Woman, which was already done with the shell hitting Veld and the flashback Ares shows her. Also, there are many ways that Steve could have resolved the situation without killing himself. First, he is in Belgium, so when the plane takes off, he could simply fly out into the water, drop the bombs into the ocean, then land the plane, either back in Belgium or in England. Second, they could shoot out the tires or the engines on the plane, making it impossible to fly. Third, he could simply radio the Allies from the plane, or tell the other guys to call (they did this earlier) and land in France. Any of these would have worked as he had control of the planThe second issue I had is the gas itself. They spout on about how blowing up the plane will effectively make a 50 sq mi. gas cloud, but not a minute or two later, the factory and everything around it is being destroyed. I’m sure there were still a few bombs left in there, yet everyone seemed just fine afterwards. Also, why in the world were guards walking around with gas masks when the gas was inside the bombs already? They drilled it into our heads about how the gas masks wouldn’t work against it, yet the guards still decided to put them on? It’s just dumb. Add in the fact that mustard gas is a blister agent, with no one in the town showing blisters, as well as the fact that they magically produce tons of this stuff in less than 24 hours for the big bomber and it is stupidly laughableWhat gets me the most about these logic issues are that it’s the non-superhero stuff that they messed up on. You had two people (gods) flying and fighting in the air during the climax of this movie and, truth be told, that was more acceptable and believable to the story than a pilot getting into a bomber and blowing himself up. Honestly, skip this one.

Watch Wonder Woman (2017) Online.

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10
Director: Patty Jenkins
Released Date: 02 June 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy


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