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TotemTotem Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Totem is a coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, How far would you go to save your family from the unknown? This is the question audiences are asked as they watch Marcel Sarmiento’s latest film, Totem. The story follows Kellie (Kerris Dorsey), a teenage girl who finds herself filling her late mother’s shoes as head of household. When Kellie’s father moves his girlfriend into the family home, a mysterious and malicious poltergeist will stop at nothing to be rid of the new woman who is disturbing the family unit.In the beginning, the film is fairly straight-forward, presenting us with the typical horror family structure. We have Abby, the younger sibling who draws ominous pictures and communicates with spirits; Kellie, the angsty teenage sister who resents the fact that her father has a new girlfriend; James, the oblivious father; and Robin, the widower’s new girlfriend who is just trying to fit in and make nice with Abby and Kellie. Don’t yawn yet.
Sure, nothing that happens in the first two-thirds of the film is a surprise. In fact, horror fans, in particular, will be able to time every scare and name what they will be. In one particular scene, there are two cat-jumps-out scares, a quiet-person-appears-from-nowhere scare, AND a ghostly-figure-walks-by-slowly scare. Somehow, despite the lack of originality, none of it is ever boring. On the contrary, the film has several saving graces to keep viewers engaged. The shots are well-composed, the music is decent, the dialogue is believable, and the acting is good on all counts (Ahna O’Reilly, in the role of Robin, steals the show). This will likely be enough to carry viewers until the action picks up a bit later down the line.Admittedly, much of the film is surprisingly horror-by-numbers for a

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IMDB Rating: 4.6/10
Director: Marcel Sarmiento
Released Date: 31 Oct 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre : Horror

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