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Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man HomecomingSpider-Man: Homecoming Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Spider-Man: Homecoming I am a huge fan of Spiderman, I love the original trilogy (yes even the third one) I really liked Tobey Maguire and felt he did a great job. I think the Andrew Garfield films, while enjoyable, really lacked the tone of a Spiderman film. So I can tell you, this was easily my most anticipated movie of 2017, but I do have to remember that I can’t keep my expectations as high as a drug addict. So as the film started, while pumped, I also was just praying it would be awesome. So… I AM VERY HAPPY TO TELL YOU THIS MOVIE IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! The entire time watching it I had a smile on my face! ☺ First off the acting is great, Tom Holland was born to play this role. All his friends, the villains, and of course Robert Downey Jr did awesome like always. Next the action, the web swinging sequences, the high flying fighting and intensity was all handled so well, Marvel always achieves greatness with that. You can really feel the brutality and fear of the characters while watching. Let’s talk about Micheal Keaton as the vulture wow! What an incredible villain! He was very intimidating with the suit on but also, a terrific character underneath the suit. While I am a fan of the MCU I do agree, a majority of their villains suck. But Keaton really was different. He had so much depth and motivation which I adored. And there is one big shocker towards the end which even put more emotional weight towards his character. This movie is not just another marvel movie. Spiderman Homecoming is very unique and special in its own way. Of course the CGI was great like always. The story was written in a way we can all adore. There are so many twists and turns and unexpected paths it chooses to take which was the right direction. And last, the humor was hilarious! Laughter is the best medicine. Peter’s friend Ned was a addition that fit like Cinderella’s slipper. Spiderman Homecoming is definitely the best Spiderman movie to date and I say you definitely should go out and see this one!

Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Online.

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10
Director: Jon Watts
Released Date: 7 July 2017
Time: 133 min
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

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