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JackalsJackals Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Jackals Just another knockoff of The Strangers. In fact, this director worked on that movie, so I guess that’s where he got the idea. The bad guys here have slightly more motive than in The Strangers, they’re attacking this house to get one of their members back, but beyond that we know absolutely nothing about them or their motives, only that they’re another group of mysterious masked people who like to arbitrarily torture and murder anyone in their way.It’s not a terrible movie, but it doesn’t really do anything new or interesting either. It’s watchable, but completely unmemorable. Don’t expect any form of satisfaction from the ending either.One more thing. Why did they bother to make this set in the early 80’s? It seemed to have no bearing at all on the plot or characters and if it wasn’t for the old style TV and picture of Ronald Reagan on a mantle that they show for a few seconds in the beginning, you’d never know this was supposed to be happening in the 80’s. There’s no 80’s feel to anything in the movie. Somehow I suspect that they did this for the sole purpose of creating an excuse for no one to have a phone…I tuned into this movie well aware that it was a derivative, done-to-death “people under siege in a remote cabin” story, so my expectations were certainly not high at all, but jeez… There was not an original moment in the whole movie, the characters behaved as irrationally as a group of lobotomy patients and nothing about the plot makes even a wit of sense…You have been warned

Watch Jackals (2017) Online.

IMDB Rating: 4.8/10
Director: Kevin Greutert
Released Date: 01 Sep 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre: Thriller | Horror

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