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Hollywood Dirt

Hollywood DirtHollywood Dirt Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Hollywood Dirt I read the book a few years ago and only had some minor issues and overall thought it was a decent read. That being said, there were some great things about this movie and some not so great and rather stiff and uncomfortable moments that should have been executed better.I’ll start with the things that I liked.The length was good. Hollywood blockbuster films are rather short these days and in that we lose characterization. Although we did lose some important scenes from the book, I thought they did a good job at giving us the overall essence of the film and stayed true.Casting for the role of Summer was spot on, although at times her excessive facial expressions and delivery of lines was a little off. Same goes for the actor who played Cole.One thing the two actors did have together, though was chemistry.Which brings me to another highlight of the film. The love scenes were the perfect combination of tasteful and raunchy and overall I thought it was well done. The two actors clearly have chemistry together, so nothing felt forced.The setting for the film was spot on, although at times it was clear there was use of a green screen. Then again, this wasn’t a big Hollywood blockbuster so it was understandable.Another thing I liked was the casting for the role of Brad DeLuca. I actually thought he was the most talented in the film.Things I had issues with:-The casting of the role for Ben. In the book, he was one of my favorite characters, so I might be biased. Unfortunately, in the film the charisma aspect was missing from the character and he and Summer’s relationship felt off and forced, which was a shame because it was amazing in the book.The acting for The Fortune Bottle. Obviously, we know from the book and the synopsis that the main characters are involved in making and acting in a film within a film. I understand that there had to be a distinct difference in regards to the acting of the main characters Summer and Cole vs the actors they were playing on screen in the Fortune Bottle, however, it was bad. The Fortune bottle scenes were so bad and uncomfortable, both me and the friends I watched it with visibly cringed. And given that a large portion of the film was based around them acting in the movie, it goes without saying that it ruined a good portion of my enjoyment for the movie.

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IMDB Rating: 7.9/10
Director: : Tosca Musk
Released Date: 1 Sep 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre : Romance

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