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Watch The Emoji Movie (2017) Full Movie Online Free YesMoviesWatch

The Emoji MovieThe Emoji Movie Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: The Emoji MovieI tried. I really did. I went in with an open mind. “This could still be like The Lego Movie,” I told myself. “Just give it a chance.”Turns out we were right all along.The Emoji Movie, from Sony Pictures Animation, was written and directed by Anthony Leondis. Eric Siegel and Mike White joined as co-writers. To these men I ask, what compelled you to birth this? The Emoji Movie is a grating movie. It gives us characters flatter than actual emojis, and replaces world-building with adsThe movie opens at a schoolyard where human teenager, Alex (Jake T. Austin), receives a text from a girl he has a crush on. As he tries to formulate a reply, we zoom in to his phone to see the city of Textopolis. In this world, each emoji has to be their one “thing” their whole life. Crying emojis need to always be sad, laughing emojis need to always be happy, and so on. We’re then introduced to Gene, voiced by T.J. Miller, who’s supposed to be a “Meh” emoji. The problem is, he doesn’t seem able to control his expressions, and his first day on the job he messes up everything. The head of the texting department, Smiler (Maya Rudolph), holds a meeting where it’s decided he should be deleted. Gene then tries to escape, running into Hi-5 (James Corden). Together, they decide to find a famous hacker named Jailbreak. (Anna Faris) She can take them to the Internet and reprogram Gene’s code to make him normal again. It’s a race against time though, because if it’s not fixed, then Alex will erase his phone.So, I do want to start with what I did like about the movie. The animators did their jobs well. When Textopolis is introduced, there’s a lot going on in the background. Movements look good and smooth enough. The designs leave much to be desired though. Most of the background characters are just their respective emojis with little dot eyes and arms and legs attached. For what they were given to work with though, the animators did a good job at capturing movement. I also found a couple of good gags. The old-fashioned emoticons (like “:)”) were depicted as the elderly citizens of the world, which I found clever. Other than that… there was little else.

. Watch The Emoji Movie (2017) Online.

IMDB Rating: 1.9/10
Director: Tony Leondis
Released Date: 28 July 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy


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