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DunkirkDunkirk Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Dunkirk is a coming of age story about Charlie BucktinFor the majority of his career Christopher Nolan has thrived in surrealism, whether it be focusing on caped crusaders or unchartered space missions. So it’s intriguing to see him return to a narrative steeped in realism, and grounded by its commitment to real life occurrences. The results are staggeringly impressive too, while the talented filmmaker maintains his creative sensibilities, crafting a war movie that feels distinctively his.When thinking about war films, it’s very hard not to go straight to the classics such as Apocalypse Now, Platoon or Saving Private Ryan.You have to make something very special to be mentioned in the same sentence as films like those.Naturally I was excited for the movie and I think most people were because we knew that it is Nolan’s movie. From the opening shot of dunkirk you are in it and You are experiencing everything like you are there , there’s never a dull moment or scene where characters sit around a campfire and say who you got back home no background stories. You don’t get those kind of things in Dunkirk what you are used to see in war films yeah this could be a problem because you don’t feel connected to specific characters and you are not connected emotionally but this movie is not like others there are many war movies and we have seen many similar things but this movie is not about individual it’s completely about the event. It’s about the evacuation like being in the middle of this horrific situation. According to my opinion When you are in a situation like this you don’t say “hey my name is…..what’s yours where are you from – oh I thought we could have a conversation between all the bombs and planes firing constantly” No this movie is in the moment and how Nolan show us the event It’s what movies were invented for. everything on the screen look completely authentic there’s never a moment that feels wasted. When I heard that it’s only 106 minutes long I thought it should be 3 hours long movie but when I saw that it starts in battle and ends in battle I think it’s perfectly made in one and half hour. And if you’re expecting big arcs then sorry because sometimes in war people die alone and no one’s there to comfort them or tell them it’s going to be OK that’s what make this movie so terrifying.\

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IMDB Rating: 8.6/10
Director: Christopher Nolan
Released Date: 21 July 2017
Time: 106 min
Genre: Action | Drama | History

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