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David Lynch The Art Life

David Lynch The Art Life David Lynch: The Art Life Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: David Lynch: The Art Life is a coming of age David Lynch at around 70 years old talking, smoking, and doing his art. That’s about it. But as he says about his childhood, when the whole world was only 2 blocks, but you can have everything you need in the world in 2 blocks, David Lynch – The Art Life – a film about 2 blocks long compared to a Hollywood blockbuster – still can give you everything you need for a really fascinating film experience.If you are hoping for an exploration of the films of David Lynch, and of the filmmaker David Lynch, stay at home. Only David Lynch the neophyte filmmaker is explored because this is a natural development of the real star of the show – David Lynch the painter. One day he sees one of his paintings moving, and that’s when the seed is planted for him to make movies – he wants to make moving paintings.We see a lot of the finished artwork of David Lynch, and most of it is stunning and quite dark, the latter being somewhat of an incongruity considering that David Lynch seems to be a happy and contented person. In one scene, Mr. Lynch talks about showing his father some of his art as a young man, and his father’s reaction is grave concern that Mr. Lynch is seriously mentally ill. “Don’t have children,” his father tells him. David Lynch once described his art as “violent comedy”. Indeed, if you get the violence but n

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IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes
Released Date: 20 April 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre: Documentary | Biography

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