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Creep 2

Creep 2Creep 2Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: Creep 2 is a comingDirected & co-written by Patrick Brice, in 2014 movie CREEP, we saw a videographer, Aaron (played by the director himself) takes a one-day job in a remote mountain town through a Craigslist ad where he meets an interested weirdo, Josef (played by Mark Duplass). And from their very first meeting, Aaron started to wonder about what kind of mess he has actually stumbled into! Duplass’ performance as a very much likable but a totally unpredictable psychopathic killer was an absolute blast. But the thing is CREEP (2014) was that kind of a fun & intriguing psycho-thriller that relies & succeeds heavily on its uncertain turn of events & the unfolding nature of mysteries & doubts behind its characters as well as a final twisted, satisfactory payoff at the end. The original CREEP succeeded that on many level and become 2014’s one of the finest genre offerings. Now, to do a sequel to a movie like that is always challenging & risky venture as the target audiences already got the idea behind its mysterious antagonist in the very first movie. In order to recreate the first film’s unease aura of uncertainty and unpredictable flavor of the story, the filmmakers need almost a miracle to work that again for a sequel. After three years, the same writer-director duo is now back with that seemingly impossible task to awe the viewers again. And surprisingly they have still somehow managed to pull off a good & entertaining follow up here in CREEP 2. This time it’s about Sara, an online video blogger who runs a web series called Encounters…

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IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
Director: Patrick Brice
Released Date: 24 Oct 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre : Horror | Thriller

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