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Watch The Art of Us (2017) Full Movie Online Free YesMoviesWatch

The Art of UsThe Art of Us Full Movie On YesMoviesWatch: The Art of Us I have seen both actors before and none of their movies were THE movies. Typical Hallmark to enjoy during and hour and a half. So, I decided to give the pair a chance. This movie was enjoyable. It’s not outstanding. It is still within Hallmarks parameters but it still felt, somehow, REFRESHING. The characters were good. The chemistry was quite good – The chemistry between Steve Lund aka Tom and Vincent was even better -(I have seen this dog in quite a few Hallmark movies by now)
Some may find it boring and I would totally understand why, apart from the scenes with dogs and maybe one with the leads there were no major scenes/moments to react to. However i’m glad how the plot turn out: they didn’t throw any pre-ending drama at the leads to tear them apart, but instead they faced it together – even though it’s predictable -One aspect about the movie: What bothered me was how certain someone discovered the secret. Just because he “is” who he said he was, doesn’t mean he can’t have the life he has and do the things he does. He can be both. (I know it doesn’t make so much sense: if reading the comment before it won’t be understood, but it will after)
To sum up: it is worth the watch, specially if you enjoy these types of movies as much as I do. Giving it a 7 because apart from what I mentioned in the last paragraph, they didn’t ruined it. But I wished it was funnier.Watch The Art of Us (2017) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Director: K.T. Donaldson
Released Date: 20 May 2017
Time: 107 min
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance


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